Центр развития личности "Триединство человека"


Appeal to Mickey Rourke

Letter to Mickey Rourke O Lord, please, send the messenger to Mickey Rourke, with my appeal to him and prayer to Thee!

Let God will be done and the truth in your mouth! Amen. Let fly the bird and touch the wing up to you. Let fly the wind, which will rush you in a whirlwind. And will wake up the fire, which will awaken you, and water of ablution will pour down. Aromas of flowers will fill you. The noise of the water will refresh. The light beam will strengthen. And the eyes will see that was not seen before, And the soul will hear, that was not heard. Life is eternal in love, for which you are born. Create, do the true son of God! From the Caucasian mountains of Adygea is my appeal to you.

About Mickey Rourke. In the parts which he played, he exposed the depth of human sin, but from the abyss he always longed for light, for God. If there is someone among us without sin, let be first who will throw a stone at him.

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