Центр развития личности "Триединство человека"



  • Prayers
    How I love Thee, my God! Come in, bring Heat and Light. Awake me with Thy Love, refresh with live stream! I am the head of the center "Triunity of man", my task on the Earth – to create acts by love of heart. Create, do the true son of God! Thank Thee, Lord, my Love! I thank the Going Emptiness, Nothing and Everything in motion "I exist".
  • Appeal to Mickey Rourke
    In the parts which Mickey Rourke played, he exposed the depth of human sin, but from the abyss he always longed for light, for God. Life is eternal in love, for which you are born. Create, do the true son of God! From the Caucasian mountains of Adygea is my appeal to you.

Телефон: +7-918-420-40-34, e-mail: elenarazina22@mail.ru, www.tri-edinstvo.ru

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