Центр развития личности "Триединство человека"



Invocation - Prayer

Lord, Thou art ahead, and I am behind Thee. With the good will of love, with the creation of consciousness of me in Thee.

I go to people for the purpose of participation in the creation with God the living organism of a spiritual flesh of human understanding of the relation in love from "I" to "WE".

With depth of diversity touch to the unjoinable - joinable in the united whole of God's design – Creation, Birth and Growing up of the God-man on the Planet Earth.

My task on the Earth – to create acts by love of heart, passing through the tests and pains – to thank the Father for gift of Love, with prayer of confirmed existence. That's me as human being.

By responsibility of this way, I am the head of the center "Triunity of man", appeal to man and Mankind for spiritual and material assistance in support of our projects.

Prayer - repentance

O Lord, my love!
I stand on my knees before Thee, I pray and I beg Thy pardon: be mercy, forgive, o God, me sinful and unworthy Helene. My thanksgiving for Thy long-suffering to me for my being slow to realize the meaning of Thy words "Go to people".
I go, I make love as I breathe, feel and see from the depth of my heart.
I beseech Thee, my God! Forgive, if something is not connected at the time of my Way.
I kiss every corner of the Planet Earth and say:
"I thank for help in the growth of my awareness of the Path of the day and night of Being on the planet Earth.
I am Thine, everywhere and in everything, My Love!"

Appeal to the people

With the word of the heart of Love I will touch to each individually and to all at the same time.
What's hindering you: misunderstanding, pain, suffering, desire of passions?
Give all of your pain to me, and I will burn it with Fire.
So as to be more easy for you to live, to breathe, to create.
Discharged from the shackles, listen to heart sounds and the voice of thought from the bottom of the soul:
"How I love Thee, my God! Come in, bring Heat and Light.
Awake me with Thy Love, refresh with live stream!"


Thank Thee, Lord, my Love!
I thank my kin and parents!
I thank my Mother for Faith!
I thank the father for the Pain and Love!
I thank stepfather, who brought up me and my brother!
Thank grandma for love, prayer in me and in us!
Thank uncle for love!
Thank my favorite brother for the words, "If not you, who then? Go".
I thank the husbands kin for the children!
I thank my son, daughter and little daughter for what they Are, and Be forever in the Centuries of Love!
I thank my dears for all!
Thank friends for the Faith and Love!
Thank fellow-travelers for a Moment and Eternity of touch!
Thank who betrayed me!
Thank Blue Planet of Love, Faith, Life!
I thank the Going Emptiness, Nothing and Everything in motion "I exist". Amen.

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